Exploring Yoast SEO 21.9: Enhancements in Maintenance and Optimization.
Exploring Yoast SEO 21.9: Enhancements in Maintenance and Optimization.

Exploring Yoast SEO 21.9: Enhancements in Maintenance and Optimization


In the realm of search engine optimization (SEO), Yoast SEO has emerged as a popular tool for optimizing WordPress websites. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, Yoast SEO empowers website owners to enhance their online visibility and attract more organic traffic. The latest update, Yoast SEO 21.9, brings several enhancements in the areas of maintenance and optimization. In this blog post, we will delve into the key improvements offered by Yoast SEO 21.9 and explore how they can benefit website owners seeking greater SEO success.

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1. Improved internal linking analysis

Internal links play a crucial role in boosting website credibility and improving user experience. Yoast SEO 21.9 introduces enhanced internal linking analysis that helps website owners create effective linking structures. The plugin now provides suggestions for relevant posts, pages, and taxonomies while editing a post. By recommending internal links to high-authority pages, Yoast SEO assists in improving the overall website structure and the distribution of link equity.

2. Streamlined orphaned content identification

Orphaned content refers to web pages or blog posts that lack internal links from other website pages. These pages often suffer from poor visibility and are neglected by search engines. Yoast SEO 21.9 simplifies the process of identifying orphaned content by introducing a new filter in the post overview. By highlighting posts with no internal links, website owners can quickly identify and address these neglected pages, ensuring a more comprehensive and connected website structure.

3. Easy redirections for deleted posts

When a post is deleted, it results in a 404 error page, which negatively impacts user experience and SEO. Yoast SEO 21.9 offers a convenient solution by introducing an automatic prompt for redirections when deleting a post. Website owners can now easily choose the target URL for redirection or opt for a default option, ensuring that deleted posts are seamlessly redirected to relevant pages. This improvement allows webmasters to maintain website integrity and ensure a smooth user experience, thus increasing SEO performance.

4. Additional optimization opportunities for WooCommerce stores

For e-commerce websites powered by WooCommerce, Yoast SEO 21.9 brings further optimization opportunities. Website owners can now optimize their product category pages by adding high-quality content in the category description field. By including relevant keyword-optimized content, WooCommerce stores can improve the visibility and searchability of their products. Additionally, the improved schema markup for WooCommerce products enhances the likelihood of rich snippets being displayed in search results, improving the visibility and appeal of product listings.


Yoast SEO 21.9 introduces several valuable enhancements in maintenance and optimization, catering to the evolving needs of website owners in their quest for SEO success. The improved internal linking analysis, streamlined orphaned content identification, easy post deletion redirections, and advanced optimization opportunities for WooCommerce stores empower website owners to enhance their website structure, boost visibility, and improve user experience. By utilizing these new features, website owners can take their SEO efforts to the next level and achieve better organic rankings. Stay ahead of the competition by making the most of Yoast SEO 21.9’s latest enhancements.

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